Le 5 terre, the miracles of the world

La Spezia – Monterosso – Vernazza – Corniglia –  Manarola – Riomaggiore – La Spezia

The Cinque Terre National Park is a heavenly garden perched on a unique coastline rising steeply from the Mediterranean sea. Thanks to your ebike, you can decide to reach some or all of the five enchanted villages after which the Park is named, which are all included in the UNESCO heritage sites off the beaten track.

Starting from Pako Bike, go toward via Filzi, climb up to the Telegrafo hill and then go down trail 530, a wide dirt track running through the woods, where you will catch unforgettable glimpses of one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

Follow this path down to Volastra, where you will have the chance to taste excellent wines in the renowned local winery, then go back to the coast road (Litoranea). This part of the tour will lead you first to Manarola and then to Riomaggiore. Do not miss this chance to take pictures of the houses clinging to the hill and of the typical boats used by the local fishermen, the so called “gozzi”. Both in Manarola and in Riomaggiore you will have the opportunity to taste local products such as focaccia, pesto and vermentino and to dive into clear blue waters.

Go back to the scenic route Litoranea to find your way back to La Spezia while enjoying the view on the Gulf of Poets.
From the Telegrafo hill you can also follow AV5T, a path running through the woods which will lead you to the crossroads where the trails to Vernazza and Corniglia  start (however, you can also reach both Corniglia and Vernazza by following the Litoranea from Volastra). You will have a hard time to decide which one of this two villages is the most fascinating: Corniglia, perched on the sea and concealing secret coves, or Vernazza with its elegant marina.

Last but not least, Monterosso is the biggest village in the Park. The village consists of two parts, which you can both reach with your ebike, depending on whether you are willing to enjoy a sunbath on sandy beaches or a drink accompanied by anchovies.


distance 40-80 km
category medium / difficult

4-8 hours

Tramonti, the 7th terra

La Spezia – Monesteroli – Schiara – Campiglia – Tramonti – Le Grazie – La Spezia

Starting from Pako Bike, go eastward along the “Lagora” canal. Leaving the city behind you, circumvent the “Colombaio” park. Then follow via Filzi, where you will pass by a quarry, and continue until you reach Biassa, an ancient village on the hills of Parodi mountain.

Climb up to the Telegrafo and then follow the trail marked as AV5T until you reach Sant’Antonio. From here, take the trail 504 to Campiglia.

In spring and summer, do not miss the chance to climb down to beaches otherwise accessible only from the sea: the stairways rising steeply from the sea  (for experienced hikers only) offer breathtaking views.

From Campiglia, it is absolutely worth to detour towards the area named Tramonti, the terracing carved in the ridge of the hill, where the renowned dessert wine Sciacchetrà is produced, will be the astounding background for the best pictures of your tour.

After returning to Campiglia, you can find your way back either by following the trunk road towards Acquasanta or by continuing in the Park along the AVG trail to Castellana and then going down to the trunk road towards La Spezia in Le Grazie.

distance 30 km
categoy medium

3-6 hours

Portovenere with its islands, an archipelago made of dreams

La Spezia – Le Grazie – Portovenere  – Palmaria – La Spezia

This trail mainly follows the paved road. From Pako Bike, take viale Fieschi and follow the arsenal walls, passing by the maritime villages overlooking the eastern coast of the Gulf of Poets. Take this chance to visit the medieval church in Marola, from where you may be able to see the school ship Amerigo Vespucci, and the church of Pezzino, which you will see immediately after an area of uninhabited wilderness in Panigaglia and the Roman villa of Varignano.

After reaching the scenic route of the Cavo, go down to Portovenere, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a charming village renowned for its palisade of picturesque houses and the church of San Pietro, perched over the sea. Lean towards the sea for an unforgettable scenery.

Alternatively, before going down to the village, take via Croce on your right and then continue until the dead end of the road. From here, walk to the hut Muzzerone, offering excellent sea dishes to be enjoyed in enchanted natural surroundings.

The Palmaria island is absolutely worth a visit. You can get there by ferry, leaving from the main dock in Portovenere. Once there, you will be able to continue e-pedaling to the top of the island, where you will get a superb view of the archipelago. During summer, do not miss the chance to dive into the pristine water of the Gulf of Poets.

distance 25 km
categoriy easy

3 – 5 hours

The tunnels of Framura: a delightful journey

Levanto – Bonassola – Framura – Montaretto – Levanto

Starting from Levanto, go eastward on the seafront and take the cycle and pedestrian path. This is one of the most striking cycle track in the world: it runs on a disused railway track, and will enable you to stop by one of the coves of pristine water you will pass along the way.

After reaching Bonassola, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Cappella della Madonnetta, perched on the sea. The path continues to Framura, picturesque herd of houses clinging to the hill. At the crossroads with SP42, turn right and continue between dry-stone walls, stony houses and quarries of red and green marble all the way back to Levanto.


distance 25 km
categoria easy

2 – 4 hours

Lerici and San Terenzo, the castles of fairy tales

La Spezia –  Pitelli – Pugliola – Lerici – San Terenzo –  La Spezia

Starting from Pako Bike, turn left in Corso Cavour. Do not miss the city market, held every day until 1 p.m. (Sundays excluded) and take this chance to buy a packed lunch with typical products.

After reaching the cycle track that passes through the historic garden continue until the right turn in Viale San Bartolomeo, then pass by two bridges, where you will be able to take peculiar pictures of the merchant port, and turn left in via Pitelli.

Climb up to the rural hamlet of Pitelli, where you can stop by in Piazza degli Orti and visit a karst cave denoted as the “ogre lair”. Pass by the village and continue in Via Biancamano, then Via Militare, which runs through olive groves in the Mediterranean maquis. After reaching Pugliola, go down on the right in via Barcola until you arrive in Lerici. Here you can enjoy your packed lunch on the beach or try one of the renowned local restaurants.

The castle is definitely worth a visit – from there, you will have a superb view on the islands and on the underlying half-hidden cove.

On your way back, while following the seashore, it is worth to stop by in the village of San Terenzo, notable for its castle and beautiful beaches. Climb up via Garibaldi until you reach the trunk road to La Spezia.


distance 30 km
category easy

2-3 hours

The magic Tellaro

La Spezia –  Pitelli – Pugliola – Tellaro – Lerici – La Spezia

After arriving in Lerici (see description), do not go down to the centre of the village, but take the road to Tellaro on your left.

From here, the scenic route runs through the maquis, and it will lead you to one of the most picturesque villages in Italy, reportedly saved from pirates by a giant octopus climbing up the bell tower to wake up the inhabitants.

In the summer, make sure not to miss the opportunity to dive into one of the Fiascherino coves, which you can easily reach from the paved road climbing down one of the stairways leading to the seashore (follow signs “spiaggia”).


distance 35 km
category easy

3-6 hours

The nature reserve of Montemarcello-Magra, a Mediterranean peninsula

La Spezia –  Pitelli – Pugliola – La Serra – Montemarcello – Tellaro – Lerici – La Spezia

After reaching Lerici (see description), do not go down to the centre of the village, but turn left from via Barcola on the SP26 and then gently climb up the hill, e-cycling between stone houses shadowed by the Mediterranean maquis.

It is absolutely worth to stop by in the village of Serra, from where you get a breathtaking view on the Gulf of Poets. Continue on this scenic route until you reach Montemarcello, where you can cross to the other side of the hill and go down to the mouth of the river Magra.

Follow the river back to the crossroads for Arcola, another charming village inside the Regional Park, then go back to Montemarcello.

On your way back, we suggest you to detour on the trail 3H from Zanego to Tellaro (intermediate difficulty), which will lead you to one of the most magical places around the Gulf.

Not to be missed during the hot season, the descent to the beaches of Punta Corvo and Punta Bianca, for experienced hikers only.

distance 45 +13 km
category easy
 / difficult
3 – 6 hours

Val di Vara, surrounded by mountains and rivers

La Spezia – Graveglia – Cavanella Vara – Ceparanna – Val Durasca – La Spezia

Starting from Pako Bike, take via Fiume leaving the train station behind you, then climb up via Genova all the way to Foce, a neighborhood named after the mouth of the Vara river. The SP17 road, on your right, will lead you to a trail which runs through Val Graveglia, deeming with excellent restaurants. After reaching the Vara river, cross it and follow its left bank all the way up to Ceparana, where the Vara and the Magra rivers flow into one another.

After leaving Ceparana, cross the river once again and take the road on your left, which runs through Val Durasca to the village of Sarbia.

This tour can be combined with a rafting descent of the river.


distance 35 km
category medium

3 – 6 hours

Sarzana and the Lunigiana lowlands

La Spezia -Arcola – Sarzana – Ponzano – Santo Stefano di Magra

Starting from Pako Bike, turn left in Corso Cavour and go toward the sea until you reach a cycle track running along the historic garden. At the crossroads, turn right in Viale San Bartolomeo, go on and pass by the two bridges overlooking the merchant port, turn left in via Pitelli and then follow via Fosella. The scenic route will lead you to the other side of the hill, then to the plain of the Magra river and finally to the park of Montemarcello. Here, the view on the Gulf of Poets is replaced by a verdant valley and the snow-capped Apuan Alps.

Go down toward Sarzana, passing by the village of Arcola. In Sarzana, we recommend a visit to the Sarzanello fortress or shopping in trendy boutiques or antique stores. You are now in Lunigiana, a place where Ligurian and Tuscanian traditions merge and give birth to a unique culinary art: do not forget to taste panigacci, testaroli and castagnaccio.

From the center of Sarzana, go northward in via Falcinello, which will lead you to the village bearing the same name, surrounded by olivegroves and wineyards. After visiting the village, continue to climb up to Ponzano superiore, a medieval hamlet which is definitely worth an extensive tour. Leaving the village behind you, go down toward Santo Stefano Magra and then continue on the cycle track running along the “lunense” canal until you reach Sarzana. You can go back to La Spezia either by train (paying an extra fee for carrying your e-bike) or by retracing your steps.


distance 35 km
category medium

3 – 6 hours

Vezzano Ligure and the Alta via of the Gulf

La Spezia – Arcola – Vezzano Ligure – La Spezia

Starting from Pako Bike, go toward the seafront and then turn right in Viale San Bartolomeo, cross two bridges overlooking the merchant port and then turn left in Via Pitelli. Your e-bike will effortlessly take you to the village of Pitelli, where you will enjoy a magnificent view of the Gulf. The trail continues to the medieval hamlet of Arcola, dominating the inferior Lunigiana valley. Go down following the river Magra and then climb up on the left bank of the river, where you will cross twice the railway and once the highway A15. The tour continues in Vezzano Ligure, overlooked by a tower dating back to the 10th century. Here, the panorama embraces the valley, where the Vara and Magra rivers merge into one another, the Apuan Alps and the Gulf with its islands.

Finally, go down toward Beverone and Buonviaggio, climb up to Valeriano and, from here, continue along the Alta via of the Gulf all the way to Sarbia. From here you can go back to La Spezia by following Via dei Colli.


distance 30 km
category easy

3 – 6 hours

The marble museum of Carrara and the lands of Luna

La Spezia – Sarzana – Castelnuovo – Ortonovo – Carrara – Luni – Bocca di Magra – Lerici – La Spezia


This peculiar trail will enable you to encompass the cultural background of two Regions, Liguria and Tuscany, from the seaside to the Apuan Alps.

Starting from Pako Bike, turn left in Corso Cavour and then turn left again on the cycle track running along the seafront. At the crossroads, turn right in Viale San Bartolomeo and, after passing by two bridges, turn left in Via Pitelli. After passing by the villages of Pitelli and Arcola, cross the river Magra and reach Sarzana. You have now reached a region denoted as inferior Lunigiana.

From Sarzana, take the bikeway lunense that follows the ancient via Francigena, which runs through gardens, woods and bridges all the way up to Carrara.

Take this chance to visit the villages of Castelnuovo Magra and Ortonovo, where you can enjoy a superb view and a delicious meal of typical products. Carrara is renowned for its white marble caves and hosts a museum dedicated to marble.

From Carrara, take one of the tree-lined avenues leading to the seafront, which you can follow all the way up to Marina di Carrara. Along the way to Fiumaretta you will pass by many sandy beaches where a refreshing bath is waiting for you.

It is definitely worth to go beyond the “tenuta di Marinella” to visit the ancient Roman amphitheater.

After reaching the mouth of river Magra, cross the bridge and continue on the right bank until you reach the main road (Aurelia Sud) which will lead you back to La Spezia. This trail can also be split in two parts, taking advantage of the frequent railway connections between Sarzana, Carrara and La Spezia. Carrying your e-bike on the train will require an extra fee.

distance 75 km
category medium

6 – 8 hours